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Vanliga frågor

You can ask your questions below. But before asking questions please read How OmniHälsa Works? packages and pricessafety tips, terms, and conditions.


Is it free to register an account on OmniHälsa?

Yes, it is ultimately free to do so!

Is it free to add to the list on OmniHälsa?

No, please see the packages!

What is the rated badge?

The rated advertisements attract more attention and are shown on top of the lists and categories.

What is a bump up function?

Because when others add their listing to the list, yours will be on the bottom of the list and to the older pages when they search. So, you should bump it up again to guarantee a better exposure.

When should I bump up my listing?

We recommend at least doing so once a week. You should manage the proper timing. For example, if your business is on-demand on weekends bump up on weekend. If it is on-demand at the beginning of the week, bump it up on Mondays.

How to report a listing?

You should report any suspicious listing including those which are considered as spam, Offensive, Duplicated, Fake, or Illegal. We thank you in advance that you are helping us. To do so, please click on the report button (13), then a window pops up and you should choose among alternatives and add a short description that why you report this. Then submit the form. All is done!

My currency or country is not on the list, what should I do?

Contact us and provide your details and request clearly.

How should pictures and videos on advertisements be?

For photos: a. Accepted formats are jpg, png, and jpeg

b. Max file size of 7MB

c. Dimensions are restricted and photos should have at least 760×410 px. For videos: The address of the video should be full like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYiKVoXz_9k. Video from other sources is not played on the listing page and once visitors click on the play icon on the top corner of the listing then it would be redirected to the video source link.

How can I ask help for customization?

You should contact director@omnihalsa.com and on this occasion, administrative charges occur.

Can I delete or remove my profile or listing?

Yes, please see here 1e. To delete your listing, please see here 3a.

Is OmniHälsa responsible for the delivery of products or services listed on this platform?

No! Other than advertising packages that are sold directly here on OmniHälsa, we have no responsibility for the delivery of other services or products.

Does OmniHälsa earn from affiliated links?

Yes, when one makes a qualified purchase we earn from links that we are affiliated to them. These, for example, include Trade doubler alongside others.


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